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We’re a crack team of developers and designers who congregate to create collective web mastery at a refurbished linen mill in the east of Belfast, Northern Ireland. We are Thought Collective.

The beginnings

It was 2003. The internet was still an infant. One of our clients asked if we could build a system for updating his website. Of course we can, we said. Then spent the car journey wondering how. In those days a CMS was a thing that just the big boys used.

We planned out a simple system that worked perfectly. For one site. Our client could do his own updates in no time. He loved it. He paid us, so we loved it too.

A year or so later we’d rolled out 16 or 17 more of these. Each an individual system. But over time it became tiresome to push bug fixes to each one, individually. A real pain. There had to be a better way.

Centralised content management, that sounded like a good idea. One system powering many sites. So we set to work and as things developed ideas flowed. Features were added, functionality improved. We built in productivity tools for making life easier and easier.

After some pretty intense work we found ourselves with a system, one system, that was not only easier to maintain but managed all our sites and actually made building them faster.

Edditt is born

As time moved on we met challenges and limitation. So we added, subtracted, fine-tuned and honed our CMS. At the same time we were crafting sites for our clients and creative partners and using Edditt to manage the content.

It’s quite a journey. We’ve learned a lot and grown; both in numbers and in skills. Edditt has been developed at the coal face; it’s totally proven and the feedback we get from our clients gives us amazing confidence to offer it to others to use.

Labour of love

Edditt is our child. As it grows we want to nurture and encourage it. We want it to be the best it can possibly be. The most empowering, flexible and powerful Content Management System.

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