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Files and integrations

There are so many great services on the web these days: some for video, some for photos, some for storage. And if your clients are anything like the ones we have, then they will at some point ask for their site to access media on at least one 3rd party service. 

It’s something that gets asked so much there had to be an easier way to make it happen.

The Files area of Edditt doesn’t stop at connecting to and managing your site’s webspace (though it does do that particularly well!); it also connects to 3rd party services on all corners of the web. And by that we mean it pulls media seamlessly down and gives them pride of place right alongside your website’s files. 

So, be it Vimeo, Flickr, YouTube, Amazon Web Services or any other service you can think of, Edditt will sync beautifully with it, allowing users to drop rich media and content effortlessly into their website. Trust me when I say, your clients will love you for this.

File Management in EddittAnd it’s not just a one–way relationship, we don’t just read your media – you can upload files directly through Edditt, cutting out the middle man. So, you can set up accounts for your clients on 3rd party services, but they never need to go near that service’s website. Seamless huh?

As for setting this all up in Edditt – well that’s pretty effortless too. Make your way to your site’s integration settings, and click on the service you want to sync with. You’ll be taken to the service’s website, login and once you come back its all set up.

We really do spoil you.

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