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Flexibility, speed, control

At its core Edditt is extremely flexible – it was designed that way, it was built to be expanded upon, refined and improved.


Rather than force you to manage your sites in a certain way, or have a selection of pre–defined modules to choose from (like news, pages, events), we made Edditt totally adapt to the needs of your sites. Heck, we’ve even set it up so you can even use the same database for more than one site.

Say, for example, you’ve built this amazing site for a client, and they love it. Three months after launch they come back to you and ask for news items to have an expiry date as well as a posted date. 

With Edditt this literally becomes a 5 minute job. Add a new field to the module, change your front end code and the job is done. Its as simple as it should be. No fuss, no complication, just profit.


If you want to move from another CMS to Edditt its really simple, you can even run the 2 systems side by side. Just point Edditt to the database, and set up your modules using the existing database structure. 

Barring any specific field types to the CMS you are using, all your data should come across pretty seamlessly. And if it doesn’t, let us know and we’ll do our best to help make it happen for you.

The reverse is also true. If you decide Edditt isn’t for you and want to move onto another system, we don’t hold your data, so you can move any time you like.

Lightning fast

We know that you’ll love using Edditt, and so will your clients. 

But more than that, we know that your development speed will jump when you do. Due to how tightly it is integrated to the database, and because you only set up the features you actually need, everything can happen so much quicker. Which means you can charge your clients less, or make more profit.

We’ll leave that choice up to you.

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