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Rollback is one of those features that you and your clients will love in equal measure, but for entirely different reasons.

Have you ever got an email from one of your clients with a subject like “Help?!” or “Page is missing” and containing a well worded but frantically typed story about how some extreme circumstance caused them to accidentally delete a page from their website (despite the 2 confirmation messages they have to click to do that).

Well, with rollback those days are gone, gone, gone.

Making your life easier

Rollback saves a version of the page every time a change is made or when it is deleted, giving a full versioning history of the item up to as many days in the past as you want (or forever). 

Rollback - previous data versions availableThis means if you want to revert to a previous version of a page, you just rollback to the version that was right. Or, if an item has been deleted, you can just reinstate it to the system. 


Its always there for your clients to see, so they can edit their site with the confidence of knowing that any changes they make can be reversed with the click of a button. Its effortless.

And thats not all it does.

Comparing changes

You can compare changes between different rollback versions of the same item, so your editors can see what edits have occurred. You can even hook up a visual view of the changes so that they can be seen on your client’s site, colour coded to indicate what happened where. 

If your site has an editorial or approval team they will love this feature. Even more so if you combine it with the built in authorisation system.

So there you have it, two killer features that make you (and your clients) life that much better. Whats more, rollback and compare changes are built into every instance of Edditt straight out of the box – you don’t need to set them up, and you don’t need to pay anything extra to switch them on. 

Don’t you just love us?
(You should).

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