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User Management

If you’re anything like us you probably work with a wide range of clients: some small, some large, some somewhere in between. Some of them might just be one person updating their site, and others might be a team of 10 or 15 working together to keep their website fresh. 

We set out to build a user management system into Edditt which works for all sorts of clients, big and small alike. One that gives you complete control over who sees what and who doesn’t. More than that, we set out to create one that was a bit more interesting than your average to work with.

Users and groups

Manage your usersWe’ve given you the ability to set up both users and groups. Users, obviously enough, are individuals who can access a site and make changes to it. You can give a user individual permissions, or you can assign them to a group, in which case they inherit the permissions the group it entitled to.

Groups are a container for a collection of users, all sharing the same permissions. This makes it really easy to add new users with the same permissions, and also for you to set up a hierarchy of user types on the system (e.g. administrators, editors, section editors and so forth).

Authorisation and notification

Authorisation is a nifty feature that means when a user makes changes to the site, but you want these changes to approved by someone further up the chain before they go live they can request approval from an assigned user (or group) for their changes. That user is then notified of the changes, and can login to edditt to approve (or disapprove) of the changes. They can even choose a compare view, where the changes made are highlighted side by side with the original version of the item

We also give you the ability to be notified by email of changes that a user (or group) makes. This means every time they change, update or delete an item on the system an email it sent with information about that change – giving you real time updates about over what your users are doing.

Fine–grained control

Not everyone on your site needs to be able to carry out the same tasks, so Edditt lets you completely customise what each user (or group) can and can’t do. Its as easy as choosing Yes or No and following the process through. 

At one end of the scale you can give a user access to everything, or at the other end you can only allow a user permission to access a specific field on specific item. And in between – you control what they can and can’t do – the power is in your hands.

Anything a user isn’t able to access is hidden from their view, so as far as they are concerned, it never existed in the first place!

So there you have it, a whistle–stop tour of user management in Edditt. I think you’ll agree, its gives you very flexible, powerful control over what your users can and can’t do.

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