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Your data, not ours

Let’s be upfront about this: we hold as little of your client’s data as possible. I mean, why should we? After all, they are your clients, not ours.

So when you set up a site on Edditt, all we store on our servers is the connection information, and user data (so users can persist across site instances). 

Aside from that, absolutely everything else is stored in your website’s database. It’s right there for you to see; you can even edit the database directly (though we can’t be responsible for the consequences!).


Should you decide Edditt isn’t the system for you and you want to move to another CMS, you don’t need to ask us, get an export, or any of that hassle – your database is right there, with all your data stored in it. Just make it work with the new system. 

We mean it when we say that we are totally hands off: you are in control and you call the shots. We don’t want to tie you down or trap you in any way.

And when we store information, we don’t hash it or obfuscate it, we use standard cross–language ways of storing it, like JSON.

Giving you options

Because you can see and access all the data, it gives you lots of options for how to approach a site build.

Say you just use the same module structure over and over, you could of course use the Kernel feature in the system. Or you could just copy the module information from one database into the other and change the site instance ID. And voila! The same modules will appear in both sites.

Or say you want to pull down rollback data for an item and process it in some way. Just query the database and do your processing. It’s all there waiting for you.

Edditt is all about giving you options and letting you take control. Truly owning your data is just one way we help you do just that.

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