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Edditt is packed with all the gear – or modules in Edditt speak – for facilitating different views and ways of interacting with your database; listing items in a table, adding and editing items, importing, exporting and much more besides. 

As if that’s not enough, each module itself has configurable options and features that you can turn on or off, giving you the ability to completely tailor it to the requirements of the site you are building. 

But what about that one specialist function that might not be in the box. Worry not; if you need functionality that the base module doesn’t, then look no further than Web Hooks.

Every module allows you specify a web hook – a page that receives key bits of information when an item is saved, added or updated. This gives you the ability to run any further processing on the data that you want – whether it be image resizing, PDF generation, text processing or goodness knows what else. And because Edditt only uses standard HTTP methods and JSON objects, you can write the web hook in whatever language you like. 

The crux of it is: Edditt likes to get out of the way and let you do the job you enjoy – developing sites. We’ve developed the system to give you everything you need and more to make any website content managed, without having to jump through hoops to do it. 

Right now, we are putting the finishing touches to the Edditt website, along with the documentation needed to support a system this flexible. That means we’ll be launching soon! To be amongst the first to know, follow us on Twitter or sign up for updates.

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