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Multiple sites, all in one place

We’ve all been there – there’s a problem with one of your sites and you find yourself desperately hunting through your emails to find the login for the CMS that controls it. The only problem is, you can’t find it. Nightmare.

Well, with Edditt you don’t need to worry about that happening any more.

Centralised management

Edditt - Centralised ManagementBecause Edditt is centralised all your sites are in one place, and you only need to remember one password to get to them all. If you want to go to another site, just go up to switch site and find the one you’re looking for.

As far as your clients are concerned, their CMS was built and tailored just for them, but you (and your fellow developers) are able to access all the sites you have built on Edditt for your clients.

Quick and easy to add a site

And if you want to add a new site its quick and easy too. Simply upload the latest version of our web–service to your hosting space, set up a database on your hosting package and then enter the required details into Edditt. 

10 seconds later, you’re already building your site – it really is that quick and painless! 

Totally white label & brandable

We want Edditt to look and feel like it is a system that you have created; we want your clients to feel like its the product your hard work. We want them to appreciate you as the expert you are, and for them to feel like you are capable of producing anything they need. 

So we’ve built it as a white–label system, one that is totally brand–able with your identity. 

Edditt: totally white label and brandableThis means that you can change the colours, the icons, the logos to make it look like something you would design and build. But why stop there? You can also point your own domain name to your Edditt instance, and make sure any emails sent come from the email address you want them to come from.

In short, there will be no mention of Edditt anywhere on the system, and your clients will never know (unless you tell them) that you didn’t build it.

This isn’t just a nice added feature, this is something we really want you to use. In fact we encourage you to brand Edditt to look like you built it – we’ve even come up with some resources to help you sell it as yours. We want your clients to trust you, and to trust the system, and the best way for that to happen is that they feel you control it.

Another little touch is that when customers raise a support ticket in Edditt it doesn’t come straight to us, it goes to you first. Then you decide if its something you can fix, or something we need to fix. You really are the front line of this system as far as your users are concerned.

Its time to ‘own’ your CMS, and Edditt lets you do just that.

Flexibility, speed, control

At its core Edditt is extremely flexible – it was designed that way, it was built to be expanded upon, refined and improved.


Rather than force you to manage your sites in a certain way, or have a selection of pre–defined modules to choose from (like news, pages, events), we made Edditt totally adapt to the needs of your sites. Heck, we’ve even set it up so you can even use the same database for more than one site.

Say, for example, you’ve built this amazing site for a client, and they love it. Three months after launch they come back to you and ask for news items to have an expiry date as well as a posted date. 

With Edditt this literally becomes a 5 minute job. Add a new field to the module, change your front end code and the job is done. Its as simple as it should be. No fuss, no complication, just profit.


If you want to move from another CMS to Edditt its really simple, you can even run the 2 systems side by side. Just point Edditt to the database, and set up your modules using the existing database structure. 

Barring any specific field types to the CMS you are using, all your data should come across pretty seamlessly. And if it doesn’t, let us know and we’ll do our best to help make it happen for you.

The reverse is also true. If you decide Edditt isn’t for you and want to move onto another system, we don’t hold your data, so you can move any time you like.

Lightning fast

We know that you’ll love using Edditt, and so will your clients. 

But more than that, we know that your development speed will jump when you do. Due to how tightly it is integrated to the database, and because you only set up the features you actually need, everything can happen so much quicker. Which means you can charge your clients less, or make more profit.

We’ll leave that choice up to you.

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