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Development Liberation has arrived

At long last, Edditt is here! 

After months of long days filled with documentation–writing, coding and re–coding, improving and streamlining, we have got to the point where we stop talking and start listening. There were times when it felt like we would never get there, but now we’re so happy to be able to let you loose and see what you think.

We are immensely proud of this not–so–little system. We know that it frees you to develop in a way that no other system does, giving you all the tools and hooks you need to code the way you want to.

Over the coming days and weeks we’ll be blogging and tweeting about all the amazing things that Edditt has to offer: features galore, solid infrastructure, and a beautiful interface. But now is not the time for that. Now is the time for you to explore and enjoy. 

The revolution is here.
The revolution is now.

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A potted history

We made our first foray into content management about 8 years ago when a client asked us if we could give him a system for updating his site. 

We said yes, then spent the car journey home wondering how the heck we were going to do that. You see in those days, CMSes were for the big boys, and only the big boys.

So, we planned out a simple system that worked perfectly for one site. It allowed the client to update their site in no time at all. He loved it, we got paid, so we loved it too.

About a year down the line we’d made about 16 or 17 of these. But we were growing tired of pushing out bug fixes to every one of them. Every fix meant changing every system on every site – what a pain. So we decided it was time to build a system that could power all our sites, a magical beast that centralised our content management. 

Obviously this new system needed to be more flexible, so we set up ways of adding different features to each site.

After two weeks of straight work and very little sleep, it was done. It was fantastic. Now, we could turn sites around faster than you could shake a stick. And we had all our sites in the same place; no more pushing bug fixes to a multitude of places. Bliss!

Over the next 4 years this system served us well: we won lots of jobs we shouldn’t have because of it, and it gained us a reputation at being really good at what we do. Looking back, you could say this system was Edditt version 1.0.

But all was not perfect: We started to find ourselves hitting the constraints of the system. It just wouldn’t do things that we wanted it to do; we dreaded having to make changes or add new features as it would often have unwanted consequences.

It was time for a rethink – time to start over.

This time we were serious. We had a feature list the length of your arm and it kept on growing. So we furiously started scribbling. There were pieces of paper everywhere – covered in schemas, diagrams, roadmaps and ideas. We researched other systems, we won’t name them, but we checked them out just to make sure we weren’t reinventing the wheel. It quickly became clear we weren’t. Nothing else gave us the features we were looking for and most of all, none of them seemed easy for our clients to get to grips with.

So work began in earnest. 

We set out to create a system that was flexible from the ground up; allowing each site to be completely tailored to its needs without any constraints, and giving the user the best control over their content. This system had to be able to do everything we needed it to do: manage databases, interact with 3rd party services, hook into pages on our site for extra functionality.

A few months down the line and it was ready for some serious testing, we let some clients loose on it. And they loved it. It worked in a way that made complete sense to them. They found it effortless and from our point of view that was what really mattered.

Edditt gave us a ridiculously fast development pace – we could turn around sites even faster than before. CMS was no longer a pain – in fact, it was quicker to CMS a site than not to. Who would have thought?

Over the last year we have refined it and tweaked it mercilessly, continually improving upon what we started with. We have added new features, and are planning more besides. We want to make sure Edditt takes its place as the best CMS system out there.

Not just another content management system

Edditt isn’t like other content management systems. It is pure, undiluted, full strength content management. It’s front–end independent, functionally–rich and easy–to–use. And it considers both you, the developer, and your busy clients. 

When there are so many free and fairly good content management systems out there, why did we feel the need to build another one? 

Like you, probably, we’ve been developing websites for years. Each site is unique; developed and designed specifically for a unique client. That uniqueness is really important to us. And that’s where we hit a problem. 

Most “off–the–shelf” content management systems try to do more than just manage content. They prescribe frameworks, front–end systems that you either have to work with or work around. Which is OK if you need a prescribed front–end but what if you don’t? What happens if you want to be creative?

We hated being dictated to.

We feel strongly that a content management system should be just that – a system for managing your content, regardless of the front end. It should not force you into making your site in a certain way. 

So with some consideration, we developed Edditt; a full strength CMS that only manages content, just the content, any content…and nothing else. It doesn’t prescribe, it doesn’t restrict. What it actually does is flex and adapt; it fits around you, your design and your client.

It’s a system that interacts with databases and filesystems; it hooks into third–party services; is separate to the website it manages; and, crucially, doesn’t compromise your site’s uniqueness. 

Edditt has been developed, tested and proved; it now powers over 100 sites. It’s easy for developers to work with and, just as importantly, it’s a system that makes it really easy for your clients to update their sites – to manage their content! 

While we’re putting the finishing touches to the user interface we thought we’d share a few choice nuggets of Edditt–ness to whet your whistle. We’ll introduce you to Edditt features to give you an idea of how Edditt might work for you and your clients. It would be great to hear what you think.

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