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Change authorisation

Edditt provides a number of possibilities for managing changes and approvals. Choose an authorisation workflow that is right for the client.

Proactive changes 

A proactive change is not pushed to your website until it has been approved by another user on the system. This authorisation method is activated from within’users’ changes section of the Users or Group permission settings; simply assign the person or group who needs to approve the changes from the drop down menu.

A user who requires approval will build up a change–set on the system, for which they can request approval through their dashboard. When they request approval an email will be sent to the necessary approvers, containing links and information on the changes made. They are then able to approve the changes, or discard them.

Reactive changes

Reactive changes are ones that are pushed to your website, and approvers are notified of the change.

Edditt also facilitates this from within the User’s Changes section of the Users or Group permission settings; simply enter an email address or list of addresses you want to be notified when changes are made. You can notify users that do not have access to Edditt.

When a user with notifications enabled makes a change, an email will be sent with the change to all the emails in the list. They can view it on the website and assess if it is appropriate.


Both proactive and reactive changes are supported up by the Rollback system, whereby a previous version of the item can be reinstated instantly.

Comparing changes

A Compare view is accessed through the Activity area, creating a textual representation of the changes that have been made between two versions of the same item.

If a module has a preview URL associated with it, changes can be compared visually. The system will pass the altered data to your preview URL while the actual URL will remain unchanged. To aid identification of changes, any additions are given a green background colour, removals are in red, and purple indicates something that been changed.

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