The liberation of Content Management

Getting started

Edditt is a front–end independent CMS; you are free to build or provide the interface as you please. Code your site in a language that suits you, so let’s get started.


Before you begin building with Edditt you will need to setup hosting space for your website. Your hosting provider must:

  • Support the scripting language you intend to work in.
  • Be compatible with our webservice.
  • Allow you to establish a database compatible with Edditt.

Once your web space is in order, you are ready to add a site instance to Edditt.

Edditt provides the perfect array of tools for developing sites with even the most challenging specifications. The system will directly manipulate the database and filesystem in the manner of the module types provided. You can add extra functionality by using a Webhook. This is available on any module and we only use standard HTTP methods and JSON objects; so, you can write your webhook in whatever language you want!

Edditt gets out of the way and enables you to get on with what you enjoy doing!

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