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Third Party Integration

With so many great services on the web these days, for video, for photos, for storage, at some point you’ll be asked to access at least one of them. And is there an easy way to make this happen? You bet.

Media Mogul

The Edditt Files system connects to and manages your site’s webspace particularly well, but it doesn’t stop there. It also connects to third party services all across the web, pulling down media seamlessly and setting it right alongside your website’s files. 

Vimeo, Flickr, YouTube, Amazon Web Services or any other service you can think of, Edditt will sync with it beautifully. Your clients can insert their rich media and content without missing a beat, and best of all, they will love you for it. 

A little bit of give and take

This is not just a one–way thing: Edditt doesn’t just pull media in. Pushing files directly through Edditt is just as easy. So set up third party accounts on your clients behalf and know that they never need to know how it works. Seamless!

As for setting this all up in Edditt – well that’s pretty effortless too. Make your way to your site’s integration settings, and click on the service you want to sync with. You’ll be taken to the service’s website and login. Once you come back its all set up. No sweat.

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