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Administrative Strength

Edditt is built for development agencies who need as many options for internal management as they do for the client side. Some account level users are, after all, more equal than others.

The Farm

We know that in any development team there is a wide variety of people and skill, as well as differing levels of responsibility. Edditt’s account level setup that lets you exercise administrative power and determine what your admin users can and can’t do.

Much like the site level Granular Permissions, restrictions for admin users are controlled with simple Yes/No toggles. For example: can they add sites? Can they see billing information? Are they allowed to implement customisations? The decision is yours. You have the ability to control what your team can do on a per–user basis. 

As usual, if they can’t do it, then they can’t see it – like it was never there in the first place!

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