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Approval System

Is it possible to be too careful? We let you decide. Choose an approval process that fits with your workflow: proactive or reactive. Let the control freak loose!

Going Pro

Editors have the power to make life or death (or more often, just pretty important) decisions. And sometimes in their wisdom they want to proactively request approval from someone further up the chain of command before the amendment goes live. Such approval can be requested from an assigned user (or group) who is then notified of the changes. The chief can then login to either rubber stamp the decision or (for the unlucky editor) exercise disapproval in an appropriate manner.  

And for situations where uber–vigilance is needed, approval requests for every alteration made by specified users (or a group) can be automatically sent to a designated moderator. 

Authorised users, who need to verify requests, can compare before and after views; changes are highlighted side by side with the original version.

Don’t over react 

Alternatively if you would simply like to monitor each change, update and deletion on the system, getting real–time updates about particular user activity, you just need to flick a switch and you’ve got it. The user is still updating the website live, but the option to react quickly to those changes is yours. 

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