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Centralised Access

Managing all your sites from a single browser window might sound like a pipe dream. But, Edditt is centralised, all your sites are in one place and switching between them is a total breeze. 

Site switch

It’s a familiar enough scenario; there you are minding your own web wizardry, working on a site when an urgent request for a cms change comes through. Irritating isn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be: just switch sites from the searchable drop down menu, make your emergency fix, and then jump straight back to where you were. 

It’s a snap.

And for those clients who need a bit more attention, set up a quick link straight the usual suspect pages on their site. It a one click wonder.

Independent, flexible and scaleable

Edditt doesn’t sit on the same webspace as the sites it manages, instead it connects remotely from a scaleable, cloud–hosted platform.

When an update is made to Edditt, it is immediately available to all the sites that use it. There’s no waiting around for updates, and no need to apply patches. Any new features are immediately available, without the need to install anything. 

And without an upgrade fee.

This flexibility lets you host websites wherever you want. When you add a site to Edditt you tell us how to communicate with it. You can keep all your sites on one server, or on multitudes of servers all around the web; Edditt will work regardless of the hosting setup.

Centralising your content management saves you time and effort, letting you focus on the bit that earns you money – developing websites.

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