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Client Friendly

Built from the ground up with both developers and their clients in mind, we’ve developed an interface and systems to make updating web content enjoyable. Is it any wonder we keep hearing, ‘It’s a breeze to use’.

Your clients will love Edditt. How can we be so sure? Because there are hundreds of users who already do. They have been shaping the system from the outset and it’s their feedback which informs the ongoing innovation and refinement.

Large international service providers, small local entrepreneurs, public and private sector organisations; they all tell us how well it works, and how it improves their workflow. It’s not so surprising when you learn that each system is easily configured and finely tuned just for them.


Dual Interface

Your clients are presented with a beautiful editing interface that makes sense and is enjoyable to work with. It’s packed with ways to make content editing easier and more effective; authorisation, privileges, quick links, internal messaging, rollback, locking, 3rd party integrations, and the list goes on. 

For developers, it’s the equally nifty Modify mode that grants a backstage pass, to create and tweek the editing interface. This is a place of priviledge which keeps the development tools where they belong – in the hands of skilled code–meisters. 


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