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Code Harlot

Edditt doesn’t impose on your front end programming. You’re at liberty to develop in whatever language, and on whatever platform you choose. Edditt frees you to be the creative genius you know you can be.

System of ethics

Edditt might be a code harlot, working with whatever scripting language takes your fancy: PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, Ruby, Server–side JavaScript, even COBOL. Edditt just isn’t fussy. Heck, you can build each website in a different language if you really want! But, you’ll get the same powerful service every time.

And fear not, as you would expect, standardised methods of data transfer, like HTTP, JSON and SQL, are all there to integrate with your database and hosting service

Edditt’s got everything you should expect from an upstanding CMS and more. This is a genuine back–end system that lets you build the front–end website without constraints.

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