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Portable Data

We hold as little of your client’s data as possible. After all, they are your clients, not ours. When a site is set up on Edditt, we store nothing on our servers except connection information, and user data which allows users to persist across site instances. 

Everything else is stored in your website’s database. And because you can see and access all the data, it provides a lot of options on how to approach a site build. 

For example, using the same module structure repeatedly is a perfect solution for your business, you would have a various options. You could, of course, use the Kernel feature. Or you could just copy the module information from one database into another and change the site instance ID. The result would be identical, with the same modules structure appearing in both sites. 

Or, you may want to pull down rollback data for an item and process it in some way. If so, just query the database and do your processing. It’s all there waiting for you.

Open door policy

Should you decide, for whatever reason, that Edditt just isn’t for you. Migrating to another CMS is as easy as everything else in Edditt. You don’t need our permission, you don’t need to get an export, or any other malarkey. Your database is right there, with all your information inside. All you have to do is make it work with the new system. 

When we say that we are hands off, we mean it. You’re in control. You call the shots. We have no intention of boxing you in. Edditt is about freedom and that includes the freedom to leave. 

However, we wouldn’t let you go without a fight. We will always work hard to address any issues that you have. 

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