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File Management

Edditt’s seamless connection with your file system makes managing resources and media on your webspace effortless.

The Edditt file manager connects to your webspace through a small web service file, giving the system the ability to manage files on your hosting space.

Through the file manager you can upload resources to your webspace using an HTML5 upload system with drag and drop, or a Flash uploader where HTML5 techniques are not supported. Move files between existing folders by dragging and dropping them in the appropriate place.

When you highlight a file in the manager, an overview, preview (where available), and detailed information is presented. If the file is an image then you can edit is using the integrated Pixlr image editor.


With the Edditt file manager your local hosting space is only the foundation to greater things, as the system effortless integrates with 3rd party services all over the web.

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