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Fully Customisable

Edditt isn’t based on set templates that you pay to wrestle into submission. It’s founded on providing the most flexibility a content management system can. It will totally revolutionise how you approach building websites.

Well equipped

With Edditt, there’s no more shoe–horning modules to make them do what you need them to, and no more designing to fit the functionality of a CMS template. Instead, just set up the fields you need, no more and no less. Its effortless to add them, and you can even create the database fields as you go along.

The Edditt tool kit lets you take development requirements in your stride: adding and editing; importing, exporting or ordering; and a huge selection of data field types to boot. Everything is geared for you to individualise each CMS. After all each client is precisely that. Individual. And if you think there is something missing from the kit … just ask and we’ll look into it.


Each module itself has configurable options and features that you can turn on or off, giving you the ability to tailor it to the requirements of the site you are building.   

We even give you a way of running your own processing on data every time its saved through Webhooks. So, if the system doesn’t do something you need, its simple to extend.

And what if you need to employ the same modules over and over again? No problem.  Just save them as Kernels and reuse the setup as often as you like.

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