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Granular Permissions

Delegation is essential in all companies, big and small alike. With a sophisticated permission system that gives you complete control over what a user (or group) can see and change

Users and groups 

Users can have individual permissions or be assigned to a group. When assigned to a group, users inherit the group permissions. Groups contain a collection of users, all sharing the same permissions. This set up makes it a snip to add new users who need a shared set of permissions, and also to establish a hierarchy of user types on the system: administrators, editors, section editors and so forth.


Not everyone on your site needs to carry out the same tasks, so customise what each user (or group) can or can’t do. Its as easy as choosing Yes or No and following the process through. 

At one end of the scale a user can access all areas and at the other end, they can only access one specific field. And in between, well, you control what they can and can’t do. The power is in your hands. Anything a user isn’t able to access is hidden from their view. As far as they are concerned, it doesn’t exist.

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