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Edditt provides total freedom to achieve the aims each new project presents. But we recognised that having an archive of modules would further increase an already fast setup up time. Allow us to introduce Kernels.

Kernels are a way of blueprinting the setup of a module (or folder of modules) in Edditt. The function provides a one–click process to set up a carbon copy of a previously used module that you want to reuse or customise in a new site. 

Say, for example, your latest project requires a news section to be set up and you have not built one before with Edditt. Chances are that you will need a news section again and you will want to keep this new setup to hand. When the module (or folder of modules) is complete, save it as a Kernel. The next time you need a news section simply apply the Kernel to create the required module in your new site and voila, its all setup – database tables included!

Don’t misunderstand, Edditt is not about templates. It is about freedom. You may have applied a kernel to a new site but you are still at liberty to customise the underlying blueprint: add fields, remove fields and change the functionality to perfectly fit the new requirements.

Over time you will develop a list of Kernels shaped by and relevant to the clients you work with. Kernels are archived at account level and are available for every site that you build in Edditt. As Kernels become integral to your workflow, you will realise how invaluable they are, and how much time they can save you. 

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