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Limit Free Usage

There are, quite simply, no restrictions on the number of pages you can add, modules you can setup, or users you can authorise. The monthly fee is the same for one and all. Knock yourself out.

No Limits; no strings

We won’t entice you with a seductive feature set only to reveal that the dazzling lure is going to cost extra. And we’re not out to catch you in the long grass by setting a limit trap. With Edditt, every feature is available on every site you set up. It’s simple; all the kit; no restrictions; one price.


More for less

So get coding, set up as many sites as you want, knowing that you always get the first month of a new site free. After the 30 days expire, we will bill your card, once a month, for the number of sites you have set up and work out any bulk discount you qualify for.

Yes, sir, there is discount. And for one super productive citizen there is even a reward.

We’ve bent over backwards to ensure that with Edditt there are no hidden charges or surprises (except the good surprises of course).

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