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Version Control

Edditt boasts a host of features that give you control over different versions of items. It even gives you a check–in process that ensures concurrent editing is a thing of the past.

Check it out and rollback

Every time an item is being edited it gets locked down. No one else can change it. Once editing is finished it becomes available again. Items are checked–out for editing, and checked–in once editing is finished. It’s a really powerful way of making sure an item isn’t being changed by two people at the same time. You’ll never have a situation where published work gets lost or over–written.

On top of that, a system wide rollback allows you to undo any changes on an item by reverting to a previously saved version. Even if an item is deleted you can always rollback and re–instate it! Changes don’t need to be final – you’ve always got a safety net. 

Compare and contrast

If you want to see the difference between any two versions of an item, you can go to the compare changes view and see anything that was added, removed or amended.

When all is said and done, Edditt makes sure the latest version really is the latest version.

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