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Webhooks are built into Edditt’s core, letting you dream dreams and run extra processing to super charge the system. 

Hey, why don’t we…

Edditt is jam packed with features and tools. But what about the things we don’t know you need? If you’re like us, every project presents it’s own exciting challenges that needs to be addressed. It might be a one off, or it might be the next big thing. Whatever it is Edditt is ready to take it on.

Every time an item is changed in any way, Edditt can notify you by sending the appropriate information to a URL that you specify. This allows you to carry out any functionality details that crop up, like auto–generating a PDF or updating a last changed timestamp for the site.

As always, Edditt doesn’t care what language you write your web hooks in, as all information is sent using standard HTTP methods and JSON objects.


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