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White Label

We want Edditt to look and feel like a system you’ve created; it should promote your skill and strengthen the trust you are working hard to establish with clients.

So we’ve built it as a white–label system, ready and waiting to be rebranded with your identity; change the backdrops, the icons, the logo, the colours. 

Brandability and the great beyond

But why stop there? Why not point your own domain name to your Edditt instance, and make sure any emails sent come from your address. You can even move the login and logout pages off the system entirely, and run them off your own webspace.

In short, there will be no mention of Edditt anywhere on the system, and your clients will never know (unless you tell them) that you didn’t build it. We want your clients to trust you, and to trust the system. The best way for that to happen is to ensure that they feel you are in control.  

Development Triage

Another little touch is that when customers raise a support ticket in Edditt it doesn’t come straight to us, it goes to you first. You decide if it’s something for you to fix, or if we need to get hands on. As far as your users are concerned you are exactly where you should be; on the front line.

Its time to own your content management system. Edditt lets you do just that.


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