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Our global infrastructure ensures Edditt is always there when you need it.

We keep the cogs well oiled

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Delivering a fully-redundant, cloud hosted, enterprise ready CMS isn’t just about writing clever code, you’ve got to back it up with a rock solid hosting environment.

By building Edditt on top of clustered databases and servers powered by the revered Rackspace Cloud platform, we make sure Edditt is there when you need it.

Any payment or sensitive information is only accessible by SSL encryption and managed by external payment gateways who specialise in being as secure as is possible to be.


We have servers in data centres across the globe, and you get sent to the closest one to your current location, giving you the lowest latency and therefore the fastest connection its possible to give you.

& clustering

Our web and database servers are clustered with built in failover, to ensure that a hardware failure doesn’t bring down the whole system. All data is regularly backedup on external systems ensuring a system wide failure doesn’t result in complete data loss.

delivery networks

Wherever possible we serve and store media using a CDN, to reduce the need for keeping multiple servers in sync. This means you always get the fastest possible connection to any media or static content the system uses, no matter where in the world you find yourself.

 Data security

All sensitive data is kept safely behind a firewall, or managed by external third-party systems. For example, we don’t store your credit card details as our payment process is managed by an external provider.

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