The liberation of Content Management


           To choose the server side language you want to code in;
          Freedom to build a framework
         and choose a methodology that is right for each project;

       Freedom to think outside the box
      and develop sites the way you know is best.

    But freedom shouldn’t come at a cost.

  The price shouldn’t be a new learning curve for every project;
 grappling with a new CMS
every time you want to do something different.



             It doesn’t care what scripting language you work in.
            It doesn’t care what framework, methodology or style you want to code with.
           It frees you to code the way you want to.

         Edditt separates your front end magic
        from back end logic;
       providing all the tools your clients need to do the only thing a CMS should.
      manage content.

    Edditt doesn’t force any choices on your front end programming.
   Letting you develop in whatever language or platform you want,
  freeing you to be the creative genius you know you can be

The revolution has begun


Join the Liberation Front / Join Edditt.

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