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Number of sites built

Monthly cost per site*

* Exclusive of VAT charged at applicable state rates.

Edditt’s interface is white label, ready for you to customise. Deploy your own identity, create your own branded content management system and extend the trust you have worked hard to win from clients.

We want your business to flourish, and we don’t just mean the brand value. Our pricing has been devised to help you make make a tidy profit. Rebrand, reprice, resell; and continue to share the wealth.

You might want some advice on your inaugural project. Or maybe you’ve been at the front line for years with an inventory of sites that would benefit from the liberation Edditt offers. There is of course detailed information in features and documentation to help. But remember, we’ve got your back. If you would like some help getting started, or need a hand migrating your existing portfolio of sites, just shout.


  Reward for the
 first five citizens
to build 25 sites.*

* Reward will be paid upon receipt of 12th monthly payment for the 25th CMS license.

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