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Billing information

  • Can I influence how search engines see my site?

    To a certain extent you can. There are so many different factors that have an effect on google. We provide you with the ability to change the title you see at the top of the site and the description that search engines use to tell people what your site is about. If you need to make more changes or are unsure of what impact this area will have on your site, best talk to your developer!

  • Can I change the URL I use to login to my site?

    This is a key feature of our re–branding ability. For more information on how to do this read: http://www.edditt.com/docs/custom-login-pages/

  • Can I change the email service used to send my client emails?

    We’re very open about the fact that we want this to be as customisable a service as possible! We’re more than happy for you to use another email service. Already integrated are Postmark and Amazon SES. We are more than willing to add more so if you have a service you’d like to use and we’ve not included it yet, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

  • How often do you bill me?

    We will bill you on the same day every month (the day you signed up if before the 28th, or the 28th if after).

  • How much will you bill me?

    We will bill you according to the number of sites you have setup that are over 30 days old, and apply any discounts according to our pricing structure.

    If a site has been setup for longer than 30 days but hasn’t been active for the full month we will bill you for the number of days it has been active.

  • What happens if my card expires?

    We will notify you when we think your card is due to expire, at which point you should update the system with your new details as soon as possible. 

    If your card fails 2 consecutive billing attempts then we will suspend your account.

  • What happens if my card fails?

    If we are unable to process your card for any reason we will notify you immediately, and it is your responsibility to make sure your card details are updated to ensure they work.

    We will attempt to take payment after another 7 days. If your card fails this consecutive billing attempt we will suspend your account.

  • Do you charge me even if a site isn’t live?

    Yes. Unfortunately there is no way for us to check if a site is under development or not, other than to trust you.

    To compensate for this, we give you 30 days free with every site, which should give you some time to get the site up and running before our charges start.

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