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General queries

  • Why have you built yet another CMS?

    Good question! We’ve developed websites and worked with clients for a few years now. We think we know what they think, we generally second guess them when it comes to the things they’re looking for from their website. 

    We tried other CMS and found they all came up short in different areas – we needed something that did everything we needed it to. So thats why we build Edditt.

  • How customisable is Edditt?

    How long is a piece of string? 

    You can tailor Edditt to the specific needs of your site as you only setup the fields and modules that you need. 

    Need it to look like your brand? You can take all the credit for Edditt and make it fit in by customising it to your heart’s content.

    We mean it when we say Edditt is extremely flexible! It was designed that way, built to be expanded upon and constantly refined and improved. 

    We don’t want to force our ways of managing sites onto you. It’s your site, your data, so you should be able to manage it in whatever way you want.

    We don’t have a selection of pre–defined modules to choose from, you are free to setup your site whichever way works best for you and your client.

  • What happens if I have some feedback or suggestions?

    Well, despite our best efforts, we know it isn’t perfect! At this stage it only does what we need it to do and what other companies we work with need it to do. We’ve loads of ideas on how to build on what we feel is already a fantastic system, however, we’re always open to your suggestions! Criticism is as good as praise – we need both to keep improving. We promise to keep improving.

  • How do you store information?

    We use standard cross–language ways of storing data, like JSON. We don’t like to hash or obfuscate it! Of course, if you wish to change that, just run a web–hook!

  • I see you’re based in the UK. I’m based in the US. Surely there’ll be latency issues?

    Whilst developing Edditt, we’ve been very aware of latency and slowness that comes from connecting remotely to different web servers. As a result, we’ve come up with some magic to get around it! 

    First up, our domain DNS is geolocation aware. Blank expressions, so to explain in an easy to understand way, if you’re in the UK, you get sent to an server in the UK. If you’re in the US to get a server in the US. No latency and the speed of access that you want. Simple! 

    Next up we had to make sure that we kept information in sync across the continents. A clever database strategy was needed, so after a few different trials, we opted for a NOSQL, multi–continent database cluster that keeps itself in sync. 

    We do our best to look after you!

  • Do you plan to allow integration with 3rd party font libraries?

    Like any feature, we look at adding it if enough people ask for it.

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