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  • Can I integrate with a third party service?

    Definitely! It’s a key part of Edditt. We’ve already setup integration with the likes of Youtube, Vimeo, Photobucket, Flickr and AWS. However, we’re here to help, so if there’s something missing that you use, get in touch! If you catch us on a good day, you never know what will happen!

    We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible. 

    Simply go to settings and then integrations. Click on the service you want to integrate with. If you’re logged in, everything will be seamless. If you’re not, you’ll be asked to login to your service. Once thats done, you’ll be returned to the Edditt Integrations page where you should see a new integration. You can delete or rename your integration as well!

  • You don’t integrate with a service I use, will you?

    We’ve tried to guess all the services people like to use, so obviously started with the most common ones, however its very likely we’ll need to add. We’ve set the system up to allow new integrations to be added relatively simply.

    So, if there’s a system you need us to sync with, let us know and we’ll look at setgting it up for you. We may even start using it ourselves!

  • How many integrations can I have?

    As many as you want. You can even have multiple integrations of each service.

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