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  • If your system goes down does my site go down?

    No! Because Edditt is independently hosted from your site, there will be no effect if the system is down. 

    We do our best to make sure of a 99.999% uptime, and have redundancy built into all our systems, so hopefully we won’t be down very often.

  • What happens if I want to move my site to another system?

    Your data isn’t tied down in any way.

    You don’t need to ask our permission, get an export, or anything like that. It’s your database, on your server – all you have to do is make it work with your new system!

    P.S. we would love to know why you are moving.

  • I have a lot of sites I want to add to Edditt. Do I need a separate login for each?

    No. With so many usernames and passwords to remember, we wanted a way to allow you to manage all sites from one account. 

    With Edditt being centralised, all your accounts are in one place, therefore, one username and one password. You want another site, just go up to switch site and click on the one you want.

  • I want to use the same template for several sites. Is there a way of creating module templates?

    Generally you find that you’ll want to use some modules again and again over many different sites. To make this possible, we’ve created Kernels. This is simply a way of creating an archive of templates so that next time you need something you’ve already done, it’s available at the touch of a button. 

    Kernels are only available in modify mode. To save a view, just click on the add Kernel icon. To use a Kernel, click on the use Kernel icon. Can’t really make it any quicker or easier than that can we?

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